Monday, November 21, 2005

A few words about plagiarism

And to think, only moments ago, I was writing about quitting. I can't quit! This job affords way too many laughs. Let me explain.

My class has been writing biography reports for about a month. They've checked out biographies, searched the web, read magazine articles...the she-bang. When I assigned this project, the only stipulation was that they had to be able to find one biography book on that person and two reliable web pages. Needless to say I will be changing the rules next year.

I'm grading the papers now and stumbled across one about everone's favorite pop vixen with the initials BSF. You know...the one that everyone snickers about her marriage and feels sorry for her new-born son? Yeah, I though you did. Sooooo, in this biographical report my 6th grade student has magically developed a remarkable vocabulary and discovered a here-to unknown gift for sentence structure. She has in the past given me sentences that are completely lacking in verbs and articles. (And blank looks when I ask her to read the sentence and tell me what it's missing.) She refers to BSF as "hypermammiferous." AHAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAHAAA. Yes, I am still drying my eyes and holding my sides as I type this. We've obviously taken the liberty of lifting a few phrases from the internet. God, I really hope it is the internet and not an actual book.

I truly cannot wait to review plagiarism tomorrow.


Blogger amy said...

May I just say that your blog is absolutely hilarious! As a teacher-turned-psychology-grad-student, so many of your charming stories are so similar to mine....yet much better written. Keep them coming!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I google searched that word, you're #5!

3:20 PM  

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