Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Field Trips

WHAT A GREAT DAY! I love team teaching. I teach SDC at a middle school. Because it is a large school, we have two SDC teachers. Several weeks ago, my teaching partner came to me and said, "Let's organize a field trip."

And so we did. Permission slips were printed, busses were arranges, tickets were purchased. As we're comparing notes on which students are going and which students can not go, we realize the "stay" group is too much for a sub to handle. I magnanimously offer to stay with them.

Because these children are not going due to grades, we plan a boring lesson that has mandatory output. *insert fiendish laughter here* The students watched biographies on two historical figures and took notes, then did a math packet. I got so much work done, it was insane. I'm planned for the next two weeks. My grade book is caught up. My counters are clear. Reports have been written, IEPs filed and attested...I'm giddy with it.

I looooooove field trips.


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