Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Porcelain Gods and other musings of a sick mind

I have been gone from my class for three days (4 if you count Friday.) In years past, I wondered how they were faring, had they killed the substitute, had the sub killed them...Etc. These past several days, I did not care.

Thursday and Friday were spent caring for a sick 15 month old. So. Much. Fun. My darling husband was at work both days and when I fell ill on Saturday, decided the wood MUST be split and stacked that day. This chore took all day Saturday. I was supremely, irately angry. My rage was awesome to behold. For the first time in our three year marriage, I threw things (hard things!) at him and screamed. And I was really sick. No, I am not proud of this (well, maybe a little) but we worked it out and he even took Monday off work to take care of me as I repeatedly lost everything I ate.

An epiphany happened on Monday. My husband was wiping my face with a cool cloth and mentioned how strange it was that I wasn't feverish.

"Did you eat something that might have made you sick?"

" I don't think so." I replied, silently thinking, perhaps the McDonald's you called dinner last night? Yes, I am Queen Bitchy when I am sick.

"Hmmm." He looked at me speculatively.

"No." I said, fear snaking through my veins.




"Just go get a damn test."

Yes, world. I am pregnant. My earlier reveling in a year with no pregnancy or maternity leave has bitten me square in my admittedly large buttocks. Be afraid. My husband sure is.


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