Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey, Money and Gloating

hmmmmm. Back to work after 5 days off and yeah, it pretty much sucks. I so don't want to be here.

Thanksgiving was a joy and Missy Hoo-Haw's first actual eating Thanksgiving was hilarious. I have a 15- month -old foodie on my hands. As we wheeled her high chair to the table and she saw the myriad dishes full of yummy things, her eyes grew wide and she stretched out her hands with a grabbing motion, saying loudly, "UM UM UM!"
A dollop of mashed potatoes was stuffed into her mouth and she pointed to the stuffing with a gooey finger, mumbling, "Dat. DAT!"
We, of course, obliged, letting her sample everything and giving her more of what she loved. Green beans wound up on the floor, but everything else was shoved in her chubby cheeks as fast as she could get it in. I really think this one has a career as competitive eater.

The 11 year old Drama Queen had her birthday fall on Thanksgiving this year. She hated it, but was a trouper.
"I'm just glad I was born on a LEAP YEAR, " she declared, glaring at me, " so I only have to do this every 11 years, instead of 7!!!

" Mmmfph," was my thoughtful, sensitive response.

She spent most of the day burrowed in my mothers room, watching a DVD of her new favorite movie, Herbie Reloaded. ( Can I get a pfpfpfbbtthh for Miss Lohan?) On Saturday evening, we went to spend the $185 in gift certificates she had netted. Really people. $50 for an 11 year old? Can we say excessive? I'm just glad we had already donated the money to Powerhouse Ministries, because she was gripped by consumer fever. I suggested a few purchases for our Angel Tree child and she laughed! Uproariously, no less!

She did bow out of going for tapas as her birthday dinner, because I seemed "far too tired to handle Missy Hoo-Haw in a nice restaurant." I was. Thanks, sweetie. Your Mama loves you.

I think most of the drama stemmed from meeting Daddy's new girlfriend, Sweetie-Pie, who is expecting his child in a few months (his soon-to-be ex is SOOOOO happy for them and I'm thinking, uh-huh, saw that one coming. But I'm not one to gloat.) Drama Queen loves Sweetie-Pie, who has a cat and two dogs and birds and fish and apparently, a rather excessive fondness for baby talk. ugh. She came home spewing this baby talk and quoting Sweetie- Pie. Now, I work hard at being cordial and respectful of my ex-husband's (SUCKY) life choices. But baby talk is my pet peeve, so we made a deal. She can tell me every little thing about Sweetie-Pie and as long as no baby talk is involved, I will give her my somewhat undivided attention. See? It's win-win! Besides, I confess to a somewhat morbid curiosity about my ex's new love. I wasn't crazy about the soon-to-be ex-wife. (She was a little uptight and wasn't particularly fond of my little Drama Queen.) And now I can sit on my happily re-married perch and say, "He's no longer my problem." No, that is NOT gloating!


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