Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Growing up WAY too fast

I'm just about used to 12 year-olds who wear more makeup than I do. I rarely flinch at mini skirts that show a little cheek and visible thongs. I still break up embracing couples when I happen upon them, but I don't shake my head at it anymore. I'm becoming jaded, I guess. Teaching middle school in an affluent area has shown me a side of the teenage wasteland that makes me want to lock my children away from the world.

Today didn't help much. I went to investigate some reported sobbing in the bathroom that adjoins my classroom. As it happens, the young women in question was not sobbing but giving herself a rather noisy (word deleted- think Clairol commercial.). She was a bit embarrassed but saw very little wrong with it. The suggestion that she keep that activity at home was met with a blank stare.

Okay. I do NOT get paid enough.

Better yet, she's been busted for this before! She's an 8th grader, for Pete's sake. I knew stuff when I was that age, but not THAT stuff. Sheesh.

I'm going to talk to my daughter about you-know-what today. She's only eleven and I had planned on waiting a year or two, but recent events make me think I better address it now. Ugh.


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