Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Teacher's Pet

Yes. We have favorites. It's true. And I'm utterly unapologetic about it. There are students I connect with, that I enjoy talking to and that stir my maternal feelings. They are not always the brightest, most personable children. Usually, they are the ones who struggle, who have behavior issues, who in some small way, remind me of myself.

One of my favorite students is a young man who was in 6th grade my rookie year. He is small for his age. He struggles a bit socially, but has few issues that handicap him in that area. Schoolwork is monumentally hard. He suffers from fits of depression so black that I weep for him. Without his medication, he is intractable and violent.

On the other hand, hearing him describe playing basketball with his dad is like hearing poetry. The joy and radiance in his face when he talks about his bike are contagious and heartwarming. The small smile on his face when he talks about his mom, and the way he leans his head onto her shoulder while they stand together give me pang of envy (no son of my own, yet.) And when he comes into class every morning and tells me about his evening, it starts the day off with a smile.

I live for the times when his face lights up and he says, "Oh! I get it now." It reminds me of why I chose to teach. Perhaps it means more from him because it happens so infrequently. I don't know why he touches me, but he does.

He graduates this year. In June, he'll move on to high school and leave me behind. I will always remember him. And, I think, he will always remember me. Pass the tissue.


Anonymous Jennifer said...

It seems

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Anonymous Jennifer said...

sorry...let me try that again.

It seems as though those are the students who need that extra bit of attention, care and TLC. Well done!

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