Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beauty and the Brain

Recently, I have been bombarded with media that purports one cannot be beautiful and smart. I don't know if I'm just hyper-aware of it lately, or if that message seems to be gaining speed. As the mother of two girls and a middle school teacher, I see the effects that media has on our young women and I'm getting a little scared.

I'm attacking the boob tube first. And I call it the boob tube for a reason. My husband is an ardent fan of Fear Factor. I watch along because, hey, that's couple quality time, right? hehehe. Am I the only one that's noticed the girl's intellect is inversely proportional to her chest size? They're all lovely young women, but Ivy league? Hardly. Of course, this show is the low end of the low-brow spectrum.

Falling below that, is this thing called Beauty and the Geek. Now, granted, I've never watched it. But the trailers indicate that these girls are gorgeous and stupid. Because all really hot women are, right? uh huh.
Well, they are agreeing to appear on this show.

Now the rest of media in general. I'm sure Paris and Kimberly and Nicole and the rest are lovely young women, but please stop putting them in a position to be role models to our young women! Every time they open their mouths, they give vacuous a new meaning. Adding insult to injury, MSN has a feature today called When Hot Women Pick Hot Stocks. Are beautiful women with business savvy so rare as to be NEWSWORTHY?

I actually heard one of my female students say, "I don't want him to think I'm smart or something like that!"
Oh no. Have we really sunk this low? Is Drama Queen going to want out of her IB program so she can get a date? She was in tears yesterday, because her crush doesn't like her back. Apparently, she has the right answers too often. He is now the boyfriend of another, less academically gifted, girl. This pisses me off, people. Granted, she's only 11 and there is a lot of time for boys, but I don't like where this is headed.

You know, I'm a pretty attractive woman. Before I had kids, I had an amazing rack. And I'm smart. Really smart. Not Mensa, but brainy. My husband will tell you to this day, it wasn't the hair, eyes, rack or legs that snared him. It was my brain. He loves that I am smart. He revels in it and often will look at me in wonder when I can pull Jeopardy answers out of thin air, saying, "That's hot." I love that about him.

Dove, I love your ad campaign for real beauty. I have from the first "sea of blonde wigs" commercial. But let's add smarts to the equation, okay? Let's remind women and girls that being smart is gorgeous. Men will follow suit. They always do.


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