Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dipping a toe

I'm going to start this post by saying, Jenny P., you rock! You are number one (not pee.)

Sorry folks. If you want to understand the last comment you'll have to read Jenny's funny and touching blog at Great for moms and those who want to understand them. She gave me a quick tutorial on the whole tagging and meme thing, along with blog etiquette (Blogiquette?)

So, now to the business at hand. As some of you know, I'm expecting a third child in July. My better half and I have been debating how to best address the budget constraints this puts on us. In addition, I keep learning more about this IB program my oldest will be enrolled in next year and whew, it's gonna be a lot of work.

So, we decided. I've handed in my letter of resignation and will be leaving the field of teaching for a few years to raise my children. It's official. And I am scared out of my ever-lovin' mind.

I was elated when I penned my letter and giddy when I submitted it. The real terror did not begin until the district sent me a letter saying they accepted my letter and who cares anyway cause we didn't like you, so nanner nanner nanner. The district letter of course did not write those words into the letter, they were more suggested by the tone of said letter.

Let me say here that I fully realize I am paranoid and reading far more into this than is there. I know it's a form letter. I know that they send the same letter to everyone who submits the letter of resignation. I know it's not at all a rejection or comment on my teaching ability. But geez, would a little wailing and gnashing of teeth be too much to ask for? Apparently.

The hurt dealt to me by my cruel district's callous disposal of me...alright, I'll knock off the melodrama.

The knowledge that I'm expendable hurt a little. The realization that we will be, for the most part a single income family caused panic. Of EPIC proportions. My husband is calm. I am afraid to spend a single nickel. Oh, it's a fun time at my place, believe you me. No more eating out. No more frivolous expenses like clarinets and hair dye (for my husband, not me...I married a bottle blond). Missy Hoo-Haw must start potty training NOW, because we will not be able to afford diapers for two children. AAHHHGGGGG!

Eventually, I'll settle down. I'll sub a little and bring some money. But the change in income is going to be worth it. I know I'll never regret this step. No one ever said, "I wish I spent less time with my kids and more time working."


Blogger jennyonthespot said...

What??? Knock off the melodrama? Who are you and what have you done with my friend - heehee:)

Wow! Big changes... you are in my prayers my friend. You are right, you will not regret it. A friend keeps reminding me, "These are the lean years, these are the lean years." Financially speaking, that is :) Congrats on your step, you go girl:)

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