Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Indigo children

So, I'm reading Three Kid Circus, Jenny Lauck's funny mothering blog and she's talking about the concept of Indigo Children. She did this really neat-o thing, where she made the link out of the words "Indigo Children" but I'm not that good. So here's the cut and paste version:


Whoo. I laughed so hard, I peed myself. Yeah, hardly a news flash from the prego, huh? I can't wait for the Crystal Children. Since I'm pregnant, I'm sure I'll have one of those next. I'm just waiting for Missy HooHaw to fufill her true Indigo nature. Watch out, Xena, Missy is on your tail.

I wonder what Drama Queen is. Probably Vermillion. I think I'll start a movement for the Vermillion Children. Perhaps...

1. Is your child skilled at the art of debate?

2. Does she obsess about details, to the exclusion of larger concepts?

3. Is time a relatively meaningless concept to your child?

4. Is truth a fluid concept for you child?

5. Does your child often seem prickly and weird to others? (yeah, Mir, I stole it. Come and get it back.)

6. Does your child have a rich inner life and construct elaborate fantasy worlds?

7. Is your child flamboyant and demonstrative?

Yeah, it'll go something like that. Any ideas?


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