Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is it summer yet?

If I were in high school, I say I had a bad case of senioritis. I'm not in high school anymore (thank-you, my dear, sweet Lord.) but man, am I ready for summer.

This is bad for two reasons. 1: Summer is 6 months away for me.
2: I just came back on-track a week ago. sigh

After years of teaching, I know that the first couple of weeks back on-track are hard. Hours of nintendo and MTV have turned minds into mush. Bodies used to sleeping until noon are schocked by an early alarm. After having the freedom of deciding what had to be done for the day and what could be skipped, a regiment of worksheets and grades is re-implemented. And the students have it rough too.

Seriously, the brain power in my class is frighteningly low. I had a normally capable class look at me blankly when I asked them to get into pairs and practice their vocabulary. I paused several beats, looking about at the glazed expression and gently said, "now?" They blinked and I mentally hit my head on my desk several times.

"Find a partner and practice you vocabulary words, now." I repeated.
"Oh!" said the class, virtually in unison. My aide was at her desk, shoulders shaking in silent laughter. After they paired up, they began silently looking at their vocabulary cards.
"You should be saying them to each other." I prompted.

Let me say this. These students have been doing this exercise every Tuesday for the entire school year. The seventh graders did this last year, every Tuesday, for an entire school year. But we just got back on-track and it's gonna be a rocky start.

Only 95 school days left.


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