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My darling childhood buddy, Jennyonthespot, has tagged me for a meme. Don't know what this is, precisely, but since it involves talking about myself, I'll gladly participate.

I'm supposed to list 5 of my wierd habits (only 5? how WILL I choose?) and then tag 5 more bloggers, then link to them from my site. I do not know how to do this, but I will figure that out later. Tomorrow is another day and all that crap.

5 wierd habits of a special ed teacher

1. I religiously start my workday by sitting at my desk and flossing my teeth, then applying Carmex liberally. Even when I don't have chapped lips. Why at my desk? I don't like to floss in front of my husband. I will do all manner of other far more disgusting things in front of him but floss? No way.

2. While I check my email, immediately after the flossing and carmex ritual, I never check my voicemail until the end of the workday. Why? because if I do, I spend my prep period returning phone calls and not PREPPING.

3. I eat chewy Sweetarts all day long. Even in the morning. But not the green ones. Those, I throw away. Really. I also do not eat green Jolly Ranchers or green Chewy Spree. I will eat green M&M's, but not the brown ones. Just kidding.

3b. This is a personal, not teaching, habit and it directly relates to the habit above. I must eat these candies in a certain order. I pour them all out of the package and divide them into colors. I throw the green away, then eat the yellow, the purple, the orange and the red. This also goes for Starburst, though there are no green ones. I throw the pink away instead.

4. While at school, I only drink from ceramic mugs. I pour everything into one of the myriad of mugs I have lying about my room, even water from a water bottle. It tastes better that way, I swear.

5. I have to check my calendar several times a day, so I do not forget appointments. By several, I mean 15 - 20 times during the workday. Seriously, I am that absent-minded, even when I am not pregnant.

Okay, Jenny, there are my 5 extremely weird habits. You've made me question my ability to teach the next generation and raise healthy, functioning children but I did it. Now I just have to figure out 5 bloggers to tag and how to make a link. hmmmm

Okay, Jenny schooled me on the whole linking thing, so I'm tagging strangers whose blogs I've read and love. Mir and Jenny L., please don't hate me.

I'm tagging:
Mir at

Jenny at

Okay, this is way more fun than tagging strangers at the mall. Some of them hit me back!


Blogger jennyonthespot said...

Well, let me give you a little lesson in HTML! It'll kind of be like the blind leading the blind though...

To create a link in your blog first add the following:

So, to link to me you could do:
Jenny or jennyonthespot or her and all would link to me.

As far as tagging, it is somewhat like the schoolyard game :) No pressure to tag another though, but you could tag a stranger, maybe a blogger you've been reading. This will let them know you've been a reader, and bloggers are all over that kind of stuff! But certainly, there are no guarantees they'll want to play! As far as a "meme" it's meaning is just like it's pronunciation - me! me! - something all about oneself:)

Linking is a big deal in the blogoshpere. It generates traffic for blogs you link to, and it leads your readers to source you base your ideas on (it can even be a link to amazon for a book!) Then there are trackbacks too... but let's just learn one new thing at a time:)

PS - I just love your weirdness, sorry to have made you question your effectiveness as a healthy mother/teacher, but we know that will pass soon. We're not the kind of gals who get hung-up on that reflective crap :) heehee:)

2:42 PM  
Blogger jennyonthespot said...

OOPS, like I said, the blind leading the blind! I'll just email ya!

2:44 PM  

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