Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello Again


I am suffering from adult onset ADD. I can focus on nothing. I start six different projects and jump between them randomly, only to abandon them halfway through when something shiny catches my eye.

Something Shiny???? WHERE?

Or maybe it's just second trimester pregnancy.

I am developing a new sympathy for the bulk of my students. It's really hard to be pissy about late assignments, when last trimester's fairy tales have yet to be graded. I'm making up the current unit (The Outsiders) as I go along basically. I hate that. I'm trying to get organized, but I'm not having a whole heck of a lot of luck. I keep looking at the calendar, counting down days. Ironically, this seems to be the ONLY thing I can concentrate on. Go figure.

The same behavior is happening at home. My house is extremely messy. I'd love to blame this on Mr. Clairol and Drama Queen, but he has been at brakes and suspension school all week. (yes, such a thing exists. I was flabbergasted. Apparently there is a class for every part of every make and model of VW. huh. This of course leads to the question, why the heck do I drive a Chevy? but that's for another post.) Since I put DQ on a plane to see her father last Sunday, I have to face the truth. It's Missy Hoohaw. Sigh.

Oh well. I guess I'll get back to work.

To Anonymous,

I'm sorry that you have such negative feelings about your principal. It sounds like you're not real happy with your current situation. I wish I had some better advice, but I'l give it to your straight. Your accusations are vague. You need to substantiate them with hard proof. Like, actual quotes, witnessed by other, reliable students or better yet, a faculty member. Get your parents on board. Once you have actual incidents documented (and spell checked ), submit it to your superintendent.

This may or may not get results. The hard truth is, many students have complaints about teachers and administrators. A lot of times, those complaints never get addressed. That's sad, because I think if we listened to teenagers and tried to explain things to them, they might feel like they mattered more. And even if your complaints do get addressed, the answer may not be satisfactory. Welcome to growing up.

Good luck


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