Friday, March 17, 2006

Ahhh Spring

This weekend, I m not taking homework. I'm going to IKEA instead. hoo... rah. (Think Jamie Foxx in Jarhead.)

Here's the thing. We have a four bedroom house and two children. We knew when we moved in that we would try for another, but that spare room got filled with junk anyway. Now I have filing cabinets, a desk and computer, plus assorted boxes that didn't scream, "UNPACK ME!!!!!!" last December. Which means that I get to know sort through this pile and find new places for everything. I started this last month and got halfway through. In the time since, the stuff left in the room has procreated and birthed NEW stuff. I tried leaving a packet of birth control pills in there, but they must have been expired.

The other thing that has been occuring in that month is a continuous argument between Mr. Clairol and myself about whether the two, huge, five foot wide filing cabinets really need to be moved. I'll relate a small, representative sample of the conversations.

Me: "We really need to start looking for a smaller filing cabinet."
MC: "Another one?"
Me: "No, a replacement for the two we have."
MC: "What's happening to those?"
Me: "We're getting rid of them,because there is no where else to put them."
MC: " Why can't they stay where they are?"
Me: "Because that's going to be the baby's room."
MC: " Can't we just throw a blanket over them and use them as a table?"
Me: banging my head against a wall, because this is the 58th time this conversation had happened.

So I found a small oak filing cabinet in my dad's office that is being auctioned off. (Thanks dad.) And I'm buying a cheap computer desk at Ikea to replacce the cheap one we bought there two years ago, but that now doesn't fit the dimensions of the space we are putting the computer. All this and wallpaper stripping too.

You know you want my life. nanner nanner.


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