Monday, March 27, 2006

Feeling Better...sort of

I've left the negative behind me. Now all I have t0 do is quit going back to pick it up.

This post is a lot of tiny, random things that have been preying on my mind for a while. Feel free to share your thoughts about any and all. I looooooove comments.

1. Does a toddler in a car seat really count for the carpool lane? I've been told yes, but I still feel weird about it. It feels a lot like obeying the letter of the law, but not the spirit. And I'm not sure I believe the peron who told me yes. She's gotten a LOT of tickets.

And why don't I have the same reservations about using the carpool lane with my eleven year old in the car?

2. Is anyone else annoyed by showers? Not the daily, wet kind. The bridal/baby variety. I thought I was free from showers while pregnant with Missy HooHaw. After all, she was my second. Not so! I was forced (so NOT kidding) to have two showers and while I appreciate that people want to celebrate a new life and all, the idea of showers makes me a little uneasy. I feel like I'm telling people, "Hey, I decided to get knocked up, so give me stuff." This doesn't sit well with me. Especially for a second,third, fourth, etc. child. And now people want me to have another!

I don't mind going to other peoples showers. Not my favorite thing to do, but I'll bring a gift and play silly games. And smile.

3. Why is a sleeper with oatmeal down the front of it irritating and a party dress with cupcake frosting everywhere freakin' adorable?

4. Why do preteen boys turn everything, including milk consumption, into a competition?

5. I love when student says something inadvertantly funny and the entire class, including the student and I laugh until we cry. Even sweeter is when I am the butt of the joke and my students realize I can laugh at myself. Teachable moment + comic relief = priceless.

I do a vocabulary exercise every week where I say the word then point to the class and they say the word. They have to wait for the point though. One of my students was helping a new kid learn the ropes and told him to watch, I was going to give them the finger. "You have to wait until Mrs. A gives you the finger." We laughed for three minutes straight. My mascara even ran a little. Even now, it makes me giggly.

6. What kind of crack do they put in Girl Scout cookies? 6 boxes, people, and I didn't even leave a crumb behind.

7. Is it the same crack they put in the cheesecake with caramal and chocolate ganache at Macaroni Grill? Cause, dang! I had soup and that YUMMY bread for dinner, then mowed down 3/4 of a piece of cheesecake. The soup was great, the bread,as I said before,yummy, but the cheesecake? Oh My Gawd.

8. I get enormous satisfaction from recommending a book to a child that they wind up loving. I'll be giving one of my eighth graders a copy of Margaret Haddix's Among the Hidden because when we read it as a class, last year, he loved it so much he read the other four books from my library, bought the fifth at a book fair and got really excited when the sixth was in a book order form. He and I met at lunch once a week and discuss the book he's reading. I'm going to miss that.

9. I hate it when authors kill off a central character that is beloved by the readers. Yeah, Rowling, I'm talking to you! I love though, that it provokes an hour long discussion with my daughter, who read the entire Harry Potter series,1-6, in two weeks.

Remind you of anyone, Jennyonthe spot? (Hey look! My first link!!!!!)

10. That leads to my last bit. Friends re precious. People come and go in our lives. Dear friends disappear, because life intrudes and it's hard to pick up the phone or log onto the computer. But my husband works with his childhood friend every day and we are raising our children together. What a gift. Jenny, I know that distance separates us, but you are in my thoughts daily and I miss you.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for listening. Comment. I like hearing your thoughts on things.


Blogger jen said...

The link worked! It's alive! Aliiiiiive!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

-You're making my mouth water for cheesecake.
-I only let my hubby buy 2 boxes of GScookies. One for him and one for me. because we do the same thing. Snarf!
-Yes, I hate it when authors/shows kill off a much loved character. Especially when it's done seemingly without reason.
-I love giving books to my friends' kids. I can't wait until they are older so the kids start to appreciate them more directly.

9:48 AM  
Blogger jennyonthespot said...

On point #1 - Of course it counts! I even think pregnancy counts. I won't go into the whole "life or not life" argument - mine is much simpler and makes perfect sense... Get the cars-full of kids off the road! Anything we can do to help a mother/father get home or to intended destination asap is in the public's best interest! Let's put it this way - if the carpool lane shortens the duration of driving/bottle-feeding/drink-passing/referee-ing/opera-singing-to-cheer-up-cranky-baby-who-only-wants-to-be-held and yelling at the rear-view mirror, then let's make a carpool lane only for that!!! As far as pregnancy - anyone ever met a pregnant lady in gridlock who has to pee! Not pretty... I think the world would sprout tulips in winter if pregnant women had their own lane in traffic!!! :)

#9 - Oh yes:) And congrats on the link - you rock and you know it! I wish we could be closer. I think of you so much too... I so enjoy the fact you blog now. I feel so much more connected with you. What we have is pretty darn cool :)

2:03 PM  

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