Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dream Days

I recently gave my English class a writing prompt that asked them to describe their dream day. A few samples, unedited. Keep in mind this is a journal and we edit selected entries later, as a proofing exercise.

8:00 am: Sleep
9:00 am : sleep
10:00 am: eat cocopufs and play Runescape
11:00 am play Runescape
12:00 pm: sleep

8:00 am: Have pancakes at IHOP
9:00 am: shopping
10:00 am: shopping
11:00 am: shopping
all the way to
9:00 pm: shopping

my favorite?
8:00 am: brekfast in bed
9:00 am: watch my older sister cleen my room.
10:00 am: watch my younger sister pick up the dog poop. (Normally his chore.)
11:00 am: Watch Sponge bob
12:00 pm: play basketball
1:00 pm: eet lunch
2:00 pm: play basketball
3:00 pm: wach Mrs. A do my homework. (yep, that's me.)
4:00 pm: change my grades to As
5:00 pm: eet dinner at Steve's (a local pizzeria)
6:00 pm: Go on a date with Hillary Duff.
7:00 pm: go on a date with ashly simpson.
8:00 pm: ride motocross with cry hrt. (I have no idea who that is.)
9:00 pm: Stay up all night!

My aide and I laughed until we cried at that one. Of all my students, he was the one who really took the assignment to heart. No repetetive activities. Just a dream day. I loved it and with his permission,read it to the class as an example of what the assignment should look like. He got a little grief, (mostly from me) about the dates, but he's an eighth grader and girls are looking pretty good right now.

Then my class asked me what my dream day would look like. Interesting. I've never had a class turn that prompt around on me like that. This is what I shared...

8:00 am Shower, dress, walk into a sparkling clean kitchen and breakfast made for me.
9:00 am yoga class (pre-natal, of course.)
10:00 am walk my dog along the river.
11:00 am Coffee and scones with my best friend
12:00 pm shopping spree at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.
1:00 pm Lunch with my mom.
2:00 pm massage (pre-natal, of course) That would be where one of the kids asked if a regular massage would make the baby pop out. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA
3:00 pm hair and nails done.
4:00 pm fabulous new outfit delivered
5:00 pm dinner and play with my husband.
8:00 pm bed. Another student asked if I really went to bed at 8:00. I replied truthfully, "Yes, after my husband wakes me up from being asleep on the couch since after dinner. "

The student replied, "No wonder it takes you so long to get stuff graded."

What's your dream day? I've decided to make at least part of mine come true, once a month. Maybe just the coffee and scones part with my best friend. Maybe just the getting my nails done. But one thing, every month. I encourage you to do the same.


Blogger radioactive-girl said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and had to tell you that as unhip and uncool as my kids (ages 8, 6, 6, and 2) think I am, I DO know who the child was refering to...Carey Hart the motorcross guy who is married to the singer Pink. Had to share...

12:59 PM  
Blogger jen said... totally rock and I will vouch for your coolness. Not that your kids will believe a dork like me, but hey, it's good for something. Right? RIGHT?

2:04 PM  

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