Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fighting the Good Fight

In order to maintain my current weight, which if I haven't mentioned before has not gone up since I got knocked up, I have been monitoring my food intake.

By monitoring, I mean thinking to myself, "Self, perhaps you shouldn't have another bowl of chocolate ice cream." I then drown out the voice of inner reason with ecstatic yummy noises, inspired by aforementioned ice cream.

(The inner voice of reason is connected to your inner second mouth, which is not to be confused with the third eye, which is you pituitary gland and....never mind.)

Seriously, though, I have been upping by veggie intake and limiting my sugar consumption. Shut up.
This was sabotaged by my darling father, who is already on my hit list for other more serious crimes, but who further blackened his reputation by bringing me a box of my greatest temptation in life.

Dewars Chews. Oye.

I'm sure he received the box as a part of the swag he frequently collects for speaking engagements and the like, and since his mid life crisis has reached truly epic proportions he has sworn off sugar. So, give it to your grandkids, right? Great in theory, but that box will NEVER reach my children. I am snarfing this stuff up at record rates.

Never heard of Dewars? Let me enlighten you.

I Bakersfield, CA, there is a candy shop ( duh, Dewars) that makes a superior white taffy that is wrapped around peanut or almond butter. Both varieties are stupendous, but almond is my very favorite. I think there are other flavors as well, but I haven't gotten past the peanut butter or almond to try them. I can put them out of my mind when they aren't around, since they are a) hard to get and b) a little pricey. But when I'm given a box? Watch out. I nearly snarled at Mr. Clairol for trying one. Yikes.

So we'll see what the scale says at tomorrow's visit.


Blogger jennyonthespot said...

Load up sister - you've earned this!!! heck, the way I see it - you can at least eat 5o pounds of that stuff and still be doing fine!!!

8:46 PM  
Blogger jen said...

I'm printing this out and taking it to my ob/gyn today. ;)

10:19 AM  

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