Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I chose middle school because I didn't want to deal with young children. No, I'm not an ogre. I love small ones. I am enjoying the toddler years, for the most part. But 20 of them at a time? I'd prefer to have my feet burned off. I wipe noses, tie shoes and rub tummies at home. I don't want to do it at work.

However, the middle schooler is not bullet proof. Yesterday, I found this out the hard way.

My students filed in for homeroom looking healthy and somewhat awake. As is our routine, they took out a book and began the 15 minutes silent reading that starts everyday but Monday.

Seven minutes into the period, "A" came and asked if he could go to the bathroom. I said yes and he left. Two minutes later, he staggered back in, his face the livid green of a healing bruise. "Mrs. ****, I don't feel so good." He then proceeded to sink slowly to the floor. YIKES!

Of course, my intrepid aide was down in the office, making copies. I am in a rather isolated building at the outer edge of our large campus. I calmly called the office, explained I had a sick student that needed help getting to the office and could they send the golf cart up? The student was coming to and I helped him into a chair, guiding his head between his knees. I shooed the other students back to their seats, discreetly slid a wastebasket nearer to A and prayed he didn't toss his cookies. In short, I was great in the crisis.

After I got Alex sent off to the office, I called his mom, so she had time to leave work and get here. I called the secretary to let her know what was up and knew exactly when Alex came in the office. She gasped and whispered, "He's so white, he's green!" Yep...that had been my impression.

I figured A was going to be down for a while, but who should saunter in this morning, looking chipper and fit?
He reports a trip to the emergency room, but no diagnosis. The medical community had no clue what the problem was. He seems fine today. I'm still minorly traumatized, but hey, I'll deal. Still beats kindergarten.


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