Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Outsiders...Finale

Last night, I brought home a video to preview for my class. It was a filmed scene from the novel, The Outsiders, that two of my students had put together for their final project. Of course, Mr. Clairol...er... OBH, wanted to view it with me.

He loves having a teacher for a wife. This may sound like sarcasm, but it really isn't. He wants to hear the essays I am grading, look at the math homework I am creating, discuss the history I will be teaching. I love this man.

We were sitting on our bed and preparing to view the tape, when Drama Queen sauntered in and plunked herself down.

"I might as well get a few tips. I am going to be a middle schooler next year." Please envision a head toss here.

" Okay," I said, laughing silently. Or maybe out loud.

Missy Hoo Haw was also there. It was a family viewing, if you will. Can you picture it? Mounds of clean laundry, my almost two year old snuggled in a pile with an old t-shirt of her dad's (Of course it wasn't clean! Are you joking?), my eleven year old sprawled at the foot of the bed, OBH...no, Mr. Clairol (sorry, hon.) and I busily folding, the glow of the TV illuminating our faces. Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out.

The video was wonderful. It started with not one, but two introductions, artfully shot. The boys had chosen a scene from the church in Windrixville, with Johnny and Ponyboy telling Dally that they were turning themselves in. There was the requisite line fumbling, a few expository asides and then they cut to the fire at the church.


Relax. They used an RC car and action figures to simulate the boys driving to a paper church that had smoke bombs inside. With a little aerosol, they ignited the church and tossed the action figures in. The figure representing Johnny fell out (I have no clue how they arranged that...) and D screamed, "MY BACK...Oh God, MY BAAAAACK!"


Mr. Clairol and I laughed so hard, we cried. DQ laughed because she thought the boys were really cute and maybe she does want to go to RHMS next year instead of WCMS. (Not a chance, sweetheart) She also wanted to borrow a copy of The Outsiders to read. (Again I say, No Way.) MH laughed because everyone else was. We watched it again and giggled some more, then put the girls to bed.

Later, Mr. Clairol asked if I wasn't going to miss teaching just a bit. And I guess I will.


10. 12 weeks paid vacation.

9. Getting visits from past students.

8. Decorating a classroom.

7. Grading exceptional work.

6. Having a student ask an insightful question.

5. Assigning a book and watching them discover they actually like what they are reading.

4. Class discussions where students are actually involved.

3. Teaching the Life Skills math budgeting and hearing students say, "I thought I was making a lot of money, but it goes so quickly!"

2. Hearing a parent say, "My kid really likes your classes."

1. Watching the 8th graders graduate and move on to a brave, new world. And crying.


Anonymous Izzy said...

I taught college briefly and I really loved it. I mean there were a lot of things that made me want to bang my head on my desk repeatedly but it was oddly satisfying. Your list is great!

1:31 PM  

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