Monday, May 22, 2006

Squirrel Central, Can I Help You?

I don't what the heck was in the water at my place this weekend, but I'd like some more please.

Saturday morning, Missy HooHaw slept until 8:00 am...8:oo A.M.!!!!! Ahhhh, the bliss. When she did wake up, she was just as silly and happy as a girl could be, babbling and laughing hysterically at jokes only she got. She crawled over us in bed and when Daddy fell asleep and began snoring again, she laid her head down by his, shut her eyes and started to pretend snore. SO FREAKIN' CUTE! Then she started pointing out his facial features, yanking on his ears and touching her nose to his while yelling "WAKE UP!" Since I was awake, I naturally found this hilarious.

We dressed and ran some errands, while Drama Queen chirped about her friends new "secret club" and cast us dirty looks when we said the "H" word. What is the "H" word, you ask? Well pull up a chair and let me tell you!

DQ got her school pictures back on Friday and apparently, A told C to tell F that J said, "DQ looks totally hot in the class picture." Bwaaaahahahahahaha. DQ is mortified by this and will not even hear the "H" word. She brought a sample photo home, so we could make an informed choice about the package purchase. When Mr. Clairol saw this photo, he muttered, "Oh, sh**," opened a beer and sat on the couch. Every time he passed the fridge this weekend, he would glance at the picture, shake his head and sigh. Poor boy. Too be fair, she does look pretty hot in the picture. It's not the standard headshot. Oh no. DQ is reclining over a set of white stairs, looooong legs stretched out, head titled just so, with a sweet smile and a sweep of long brown hair. She's wearing a very modest sweater set and jeans, so it's not a cheesecake shot. It is however, a sobering glimpse of what is coming. Break out the shot gun.

While we ran errands (I love me some Lowe's!), we chatted about my garden and at the mention of tomatoes, MH launches into a torrent of speech. The words I understood? Grandma, 'mato, bite, yummmmm, not cheese, and cuppy. MH was introduced to grape tomatoes at her grandma's house recently and has developed a passion for tomatoes that rivals her love of cheese. Last night, she stealthily picked tomato bits out of my salad while I wasn't looking. I would look at her and she would smile a big, seedy smile and say, "Um!" hmmmm.

It went like that all weekend. There was a bit of sadness, when my dad came by to take DQ to the movies. They saw Akeelah and the Bee, then went to ice cream, where he told her about his diagnosis of ALS. She doesn't quite get it, me thinks. Her reaction? "Can we turn on the radio again?" Oh-kaaaay. When I attempted to talk to her, she simply asked if she could wear a red bracelet too. Double Oh-kaaaay.

So continues life in Casa de Ahnberg.

Top 10 things about this weekend.

10. Making more progress on the nursery. Pictures will be forthcoming, if I can figure out how.

9. Watching Missy Hoo Haw and Drama Queen dance to "Groove is in the Heart" by Delite.

8. Planting tomatoes in my brand new garden!

7. Listening to MH sing the theme song to Jack's Big Music Show.

6. The dirty looks in response to the H word.

5. Going to Lowe's and Michaels on the SAME weekend.

4. Mr. Clairol telling the stranger in the grocery check out line that no we weren't having another girl...this one was a BOY! (insert victory dance here. Oh yes, he did.)

3. Mr. Clairol telling me that I should change his blog name to Oily Bohunk...OBH for short. Go rent Sixteen Candles.

2. Swimming in our pool for the first time this summer.

1. Reading with both my girls snuggled into me and my baby boy somersaulting.

Life is SO good.


Blogger jennyonthespot said...

This post took me everyhwre emotionally... I love you Jen :) By the way - maybe you can buy an extra wallet of DQ's pics - and send one to me!!!

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