Monday, June 19, 2006

SOOOO glad it's Monday...

I never thought I'd say this, but I was really happy to come back to work. This weekend is making me rethink the SAHM gig.

Friday was Drama Queen's slumber party. It was actually a big hit and fairly easy. The girls arrived, got into the pool and stayed there until 9:00 pm. They devoured strawberries and pizza, frosted and ate cupcakes and sang horrendously off key karoke, all outside. Aside from having to keep Missy Hoohaw inside and safe from the mania, it was a breeze. (Jenny, do you remember the bus to school and the soundtrack to Annie? These girls sounded even worse!!!! heh heh heh)

The girls came inside and opened presents, then went back to DQ's room for more karoke. I swear, that karoke machine was a bigger hit than our pool. And, by the way, have you ever noticed how dirty the lyrics are to the songs from Grease? Hearing my daughter warble "Summer Nights," I realized the song is a little filthy and, oh my gosh, does she understand what she's singing???? She was very put out that I would not allow her to purchase the cd with her birthday money.

The girls were up watching movies until 3:30. I only had to come out and ask for quiet twice. They were groggy, but up for more karoke at approximately 8:00 am, after fueling up with sugared cereal, which is a HUGE treat in my home, but apparently, not so much in others. Oh well. We said goodbye to the last girl at around 11:30. This was a pleasant surprise, being as I really didn't expect them gone before 1:00, since the invitation said the party was over at 10:00 am. Anyone who has hosted a birthday party knows this. I actually overheard one girl calling her mom and telling her not to come until 2:00. I quickly intervened and pointed out that we were ending at 10:00 and we had an appointment at 11:00, so mom needed to get her ASS over here. No, I didn't swear, but oh, I wanted to.

After the party, we headed out to my parents house for an early Father's day celebration. The older my parents get, the hotter they keep their house. It was 87 degrees in there, I swear. We had a great time, but DQ was asleep for most of it. I wonder why...

That night, DQ woke me up and said she was sick. This was followed by vomit. All night. Urgh. Sunday, I packed Mr. Clairol off to a baseball game with my brother and dad, then tended to a still nauseous DQ and tried to keep Missy HooHaw entertained while doing laundry and dishes. Oh golly...I can hear your jealousy a-brewin. Don't hate me for my glamorous life. Mr. Clairol did offer, several times, to stay home with me. I bravely said no and wished he would insist on it. He didn't. When he came home, I was so tired, I was in tears watching some guy on Miami Ink get a tattoo of his daughter, who was dying of Tay Sachs. Dear Lord.

One more little tid bit, then I quit my whining and get on with life. Sailor Boy dropped sometime in the night. I got up 7 times to pee and hoooooweeee! The pressure, she is intense! I'm just trying to get through Friday. It's close to impossible to get a sub and I'd like try to see my class through. I was wanting to make it to Saturday, since Friday is date night, but I don't care anymore. We'll have a date in L&D. See how fun I am?


Blogger Farm Girl said...

I never realized how dirty the song was so chances are they don't either. I know I couldn't do the SAHM thing, it's just so hard, I go to work to relax a little.

2:29 PM  
Blogger jennyonthespot said...

Come on baby boy!!!

We had a sleepover Friday night too - 10 boys rangin in age from 4 to 8. Sounds like it was remarkably more subdued than those girls! Amazing! I'll fill you in later.

And, yes - Annie - and yeah, I've had those same thoughts about Grease... speaking of dirty songs, have your every listened to the lyrics of "Oh, Mickey". Shameful.

6:34 PM  
Blogger jen said...

I have a whole new sympathy for our parents and the whole no secular music decree. Not that I'm traveling that road yet.

9:37 AM  
Blogger jen said...

Les, it's the only thought that keeps me sane. Of course, when she's belting out, "No customer would come to you unless she was a HOOKER!" in the grocery store, I feel the need to explain what a hooker is, so she shuts the hell up!

9:39 AM  
Blogger theshellieshow said...

Jennyonthespot, I remember making up rollerskating routines in your driveway to "oh mickey." ;-)

After last years talent show at our school, we decided to rethink the oh mickey song. We didn't think the girls really KNEW what they were singing. Boy were we wrong. It was apparent by the hip thrusting at just the right times that we knew that they knew exactly what it meant!

Sleep Over Idea: Buy Columbo bread(hoagies), squeezie pizza sauce, and lay out some pepperoni, olives(precut of course), cheese and whatever else you like on pizza. They make their own ind. pizza breads.
That has been a HUGE hit at our house for b-days!

10:18 PM  

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